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G'day, we are your local Perth TV and antenna guys.

Does your TV Antenna signal constantly pixelate? - Does your TV show weak or no signal on the display? - Common causes of bad TV Antenna signals can include wrong antenna type for your area, geographical problems, poor shielded coaxial cables, Incorrect installation of Masthead Boosters and distribution amplifiers, 4G mobile phone signals and Interference from common household appliances such as LED lights, microwaves, computers etc.

We cover all suburbs and can install your Freeview compatible digital aerial, set up, and hang your TV and get everything working as it should. Our Technicians have many years of experience in the TV Antenna Installation Industry and are fully qualified in open communications cabling. Call our experienced team for polite and friendly advice today. We work in all different environments from large communal office and hotel systems to residential homes

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